3D-Printed Gun

Product Design

How much does a life cost?

In a digital fabrication workshop I designed a 3D printed gun using Rhinoceros (3D Modelling Software). In 2012 there was a controversy built around some blueprints that were designed to 3D print a gun capable of firing. Defense Distributed, the group behind the DIY gun believed that everyone should have access to firearms. I wanted to make a statement that made people think and reflect upon the use of firearms. For this reason, this gun has an "insert coin" at the back which makes it unique. This allows us to question how much a life really costs; us humans should not be allowed to decide another living-being's fate.

Alongside the 3D printed gun, I decided to expand the concept by using different tools such as the laser cutter and plotter. I made these products to develop the idea and also my skills with these machines and devices, which can be very useful. These are the results of this critical piece of design.