Brief: generate a new "ism", a new ideology that could exist in this world.

Oneism - the belief that to be truly present, one must first break monotonous action.

In this society, we have been pushed into following a set of rules, roles and actions without us even noticing. On one hand, this was “programmed” into us to have a more efficient life; to be more organised. This allows us to have control over our lives, and make it more structured. However, by following the same activities all the time, we forget about the true meaning of life and we become prisoners of our own habits and thinking. According to the article ‘The Benefits of a Change in a Routine’ on Han of Harmony, a variation in routine can provide us with an increased creativity, reduce monotony and overall make our lives more interesting and exciting. Thus from these ideas we created Oneism.

We produced this video to help understand the concept. It would also serve as a promotional piece, distributing our idea across the world. We created an app to be used as a tool for a Oneist called OneRoute. This would prevent one from walking through the same street twice. Potentially this would allow the person to explore different ways to get to somewhere, something along the lines of psychogeography and "derivé".

If you want to listen to the music that I composed for this video, click here or go to the Music page and listen to "A Day In The Life".