Superhero Hearing

Design Project

Superhero Hearing - A project focused on the development of virtual reality.

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Virtual Reality has always been a fascinating interest for me. However, I realised that VR has been mainly focused on the development of visuals and not sound. Having experience on sound engineering and production, I decided to give it a go and improve VR through the ability of sound.

For this, I built a binaural microphone using a circuit board and electret microphones. The process was hard but highly educational. This type of microphones are used a lot in ASMR, and achieve quite an effective result. The fact that you can listen to sounds in 3D could contribute a lot in VR I believe. Therefore I designed this soundscape called "Superhero Hearing". The idea was to give people an experience that will lead them to believe that they have super powers. The video above shows some footage of me testing out the track with some friends, and also shows the recordings I produced.