Design Project

The Environment Keeps Happening To Me

Brief: create an intervention in a certain location using the term ‘architecture’ as a vehicle to confront a range of contexts, schemes and scales of activity.

In this project, the aim was to somehow affect a social space. Our group's location was the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design, the V&A. We decided to design a sound experience for the museum's audience by creating a type of performance. It included conversations between the statues in a room, in order to hopefully create a more fun and engaging experience when viewing an exhibition or collection.

To be able to achieve this we had to plan the intervention, so we recreated the space into a 1:25 model, which is shown in these images. After discussing the direction of the project amongst the group, we ended up designing a "Secret Garden Party" that only those people with access to the sound tracks would be invited. These sound tracks, which can be listened to down below, took the user through a story that included the characters from the statues in the museum. As well as being entertaining and engaging, it also provided some educational background information. Learning should always be fun!